The Practice helping unconventional women release people’s expectations of them so they can build the life they want.

Everyone has expectations for you. A million little scripts written daily about who you are, what your place is and how you should act as a woman. 

As a result of this conditioning, you’re constantly trying to follow the rules and be the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect employee, the perfect caretaker, the perfect friend

… the perfect woman keeping everyone happy –  but wrestling with the dissatisfaction you feel about your life.

Where are you caught in the Happiness Trap?

Take the living unrestrained quiz to discover the answer



An emotional, mental and physical discomfort that women experience by continually trying to meet the societal expectations while leaving theirselves behind.



Familiar with any of these situations?

You sit in anger and awkward silence listening, one more time, to uncle Joe criticizing the work that you enjoy and pays your bills.

You get teased about your weight. This policing weighs you down and leave you feeling angry. However, instead of sharing your true feelings and setting proper boundaries, you downplay the situation and make excuses for them.

You’re unsure wether or not you want to have kidsYour mom starts crying, leaving you confused and frustrated about the right way to respond.

You’re in a meeting with your co workers brainstorming for a big upcoming project.You think you have a great idea but you belittled it and keep it to yourself because you’re afraid of being the center of attention.




The tension is real, because the unhelpful stories carried by the happiness trap are echoed and reinforced every day trough people you love and institutions that you respect.


And that’s why I’ve created Living Unrestrained for women like you – who want to take the slow and steady approach to building a life centered on your truth, wisdom and knowing.



Little by little, you’ll heal the unhelpful stories and rewrite them by:

  • Making life choices based on your own wisdom and knowledge
  • Parenting and choosing your relationship without external validation

  • Taking time to rest without guilt & shame

  • Having the hard conversations without melting down

  • Saying no without shaking

  • Doing work that you love without losing your soul

  • Taking control of your sexual pleasure without feeling dirty or immoral

  • Feeling sexy without yo yo dieting

Tell the truth

I want you to own who you are and what you want.

Break the rules with pleasure

I want you to choose the new story you need to write in service of the new life you desire.

Affirm your sovereignty

I want you to build the new legacy you’ll leave for the women coming behind you. 

Meet the Creator behind Women Living Unrestrained


Hi, I’m Vanessa Mentor

Your Freedom Catalyst. A single mom living in Haiti and the Creator of Unrestrained Body.  My pronouns are she/her.

My message is Living Unrestrained.  The practice of building and living  a life that is centered on your truth, wisdom and knowing.

My clients are women who define themselves as non conformist, unconventional and free spirited. They have tried to fit in the box but are now unwilling to use the same plot to write the next chapter of their life.

What They Say

My breakthrough happened in conversation with my body one night. It caused me to find a protocol that has, so far, been game-changing.
I wouldn’t have gotten there that quickly — maybe ever — if it had not been for the Unrestrained Body program. Thank you, Vanessa. Thank you for this work.
Lena West

Uncommon Business Growth Coach to Unapologetic Women Entrepreneurs,

My a-ha moment really came with the timeline we did in week 1. I had repressed some of the memories of earlier negative messaging. I was aware of all my own negative messages post-cancer but it helped to dig in to some of the memories from earlier times that set the stage for my later reaction to my changed body.

Robyn Holloway

Life Coach,

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