The World Doesn’t Need Another Nice Woman

the world needs women to be unrestrained

Women who are releasing people-pleasing, over-giving to courageously advocate and make space for their needs. 

Women who are shifting from unclear boundaries to  confidently shape new healthy ways of relating to themselves and others.

Women who are letting go of the idea that they need to be perfect to fiercely embrace their brilliance and humanity.

Get more nourishing days

With these 5 easy tips

Tell me – are you familiar with any of these?

You’re continually giving away your attention to someone or something – and often times at the expense of your own sanity, sleep, relaxing time and happiness.

You’re dialing down your true feelings in regards to the division of labor in the house. But this pressure to keep the peace is actually leaving you feeling more distant from your spouse.

You’re constanly trying to be the perfect employee, parent, spouse and it’s leaving you feeling depleted and empty inside. 

This  is the Happiness Trap

The belief that tells you to continually try to be nice and make everyone around you happy while forgetting about yourself.

And It’s not your fault .

The tension is real. Thanks to the reinforcing every single day from the people you love, institutions your respect (I’m looking at you church) not mentioning society at large.


That’s why I’ve created


Living Unrestrained

The path for smart-ambitious moms like you, who want to live nourished, speak with honesty and kindness and be better humans.

Little by little, you’ll those unhelpful behaviors and stories that are getting in your way so you can start moving towards :

    • Taking time to rest without guilt and shame(you’re already doing some much. You deserve this!).
    • Saying no without shaking and having the hard conversations without metling down.
    • Wearing what your moods tell you instead of letting some magaznes be the boss of you
    • Expressing your true emotions and Living your life in a way that feels nourishing and authentic.

Meet the Woman Behind Living Unrestrained

Hi, I’m Vanessa Mentor, Self-Care Coach Helping Women Love Without People-Pleasing and Over-Giving

Single mom living in Haiti. Holder of my ancestor’s wisdom. Lover of soulful conversations and playful experiences.

My clients are women who are juggling kids, family, work and business with little space to care for and look after themselves.

But now are ready to relate in new authentic ways to themselves and others so they can be better parents, partners, leaders, allies … in other words better humans.

What they Say

My breakthrough happened in conversation with my body one night. It caused me to find a protocol that has, so far, been game-changing.

I wouldn’t have gotten there that quickly — maybe ever — if it had not been for the Unrestrained Body program. Thank you, Vanessa. Thank you for this work.

Lena West

Uncommon Business Growth Coach,

My a-ha moment really came with the timeline we did in week 1. I had repressed some of the memories of earlier negative messaging.

I was aware of all my own negative messages post-cancer but it helped to dig in to some of the memories from earlier times that set the stage for my later reaction to my changed body.

Robyn Holloway

Leadership Coach,

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