The world doesn’t need another nice woman.

The world needs women who are releasing people-pleasing to audaciously make life choices based on their own needs.

The world needs women who are breaking into pieces the fear of “not being good enough” to fiercely embrace their brilliance.

The world needs women who are shifting from self-care deficit to increasing their capacity for sustainable self-care.


The world is ready for women to  become unrestrained.


Hello there! I’m Vanessa

I’m here to help you :

Advocate and make space for your needs while attending to the needs of the people you love.

Reclaim aspects of yourself that you’ve forgotten, set boundaries so that you create more meaningful relationships and be happy (not just satisfied).

Have you ever wondered why you make everyone around you happy but yourself?

Take the Living Unrestrained Quiz to find out why

It’s time to start


Living Unrestrained


Tell me – does any of this sound familiar?

You’re repeatedly seconding guessing yourself. Hoping that you’re making the”right” choice so it won’t trigger those judgmental looks from family, friends and coworkers.

You’re constantly trying to follow “the rules” and be the perfect friend, the perfect employee, even the perfect wife and mom and it’s leaving you feeling depleted and empty inside.

You’re often trying to dialed down your true feelings when someone does something that bothers you.  This pressure to be “polite” is actually leaving you feeling more distant from the people you care about and love.

Not a day goes by where your presence or attention isn’t  needed. It’s true that you’re well liked among your friends and family – however, you’re constantly feeling worn out because there’s just never enough time to take care of yourself. 




An emotional, mental and physical discomfort that women experience by continually trying to be “nice “ and make everyone around them happy while forgetting about themselves.


And it’s not your fault.

The tension is real. Thanks to the constant reinforcing every single day from the people you love, institutions you respect (I’m looking at you church), not mention society at large.


And that’s why I’ve created Living Unrestrained.


For smart – ambitious women just like you – who aren’t afraid to take the slow and steady approach to building a life centered on your authenticity, wisdom and knowing instead of jumping on to quick fixes that never last.


Little by little, you’ll heal those unhelpful – secret behaviors and stories that are getting in your way without you even knowing it.


So you can start :

  • Taking time to rest without guilt & shame (You’re already doing so much. You deserve this!)
  • Having the confidence in your relationships and parenting choices without worrying about external validation
  • Having the hard conversations without melting down or saying no without shaking
  • Wearing what your moods tell you instead of letting some magazines be the boss of you
  • Doing work that you love without losing your soul

Meet the Creator behind Women Living Unrestrained


I’m Vanessa Mentor – Life Coach and Freedom Catalyst helping women buck the status quo without guilt or remorse.

Single mom living in Haiti. Holder of my Ancestor’s Wisdom. Lover of soulful conversations and playful experiences.

My clients are women who define themselves as feminists entrepreneurs, non conformists – ambitious professional.

They’ve spent the last 40 years doing what was expected of them and now are ready to stop giving into others and finally live.

What They Say

My breakthrough happened in conversation with my body one night. It caused me to find a protocol that has, so far, been game-changing.
I wouldn’t have gotten there that quickly — maybe ever — if it had not been for the Unrestrained Body program. Thank you, Vanessa. Thank you for this work.
Lena West

Uncommon Business Growth Coach to Unapologetic Women Entrepreneurs,

My a-ha moment really came with the timeline we did in week 1. I had repressed some of the memories of earlier negative messaging. I was aware of all my own negative messages post-cancer but it helped to dig in to some of the memories from earlier times that set the stage for my later reaction to my changed body.

Robyn Holloway

Life Coach,

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