You are not a bad girl

for WANTING TO HAVE your needs MET 


I know the social conditioning have trained you (and all women) to play the role of  the nurturer in a very restrictive way. A role where you are expected to play “NICE“, accommodate and make everyone happy at your expense. 
A role where you feel like your life is owned by everyone else except yourself.
And that’s why in the act of caring for others, you push your needs further down the list and fall into a pattern of self-neglect and self-deprivation.

 + You are exhausted. Struggling to balance career, motherhood, partner time, volunteer time and me time. The list never ends.

+You are tired of being tired all the time and continually deferring your needs and wants.

 + You find yourself running on empty most of the time, feeling resentful and thinking there must be a better way to operate, but not sure what it is.

+ You want to be loved and you’re torn between taking care of your needs (which you know you need) and your family’s needs and everything else that requests your attention. It’s compounded by the fact that you know you are a people pleaser and over-giver and it seems that there isn’t enough time and space for both.

Caring for others doesn’t mean your needs should come last.



to get to a place where you can articulate what you need, set boundaries that you can stick to, stop living the burn out lifestyle and pay attention to the things that bring you real joy.

Together we create a self-care map that acts as an act of sovereignty and service.

The self-care map is a smart and simple System of Self-Care Rituals that helps you redefine your relationship and manage your time with intentionreshape your boundaries with integrity and grow your self-nurturing skills so that you can meet the needs of your loved ones and  serve your community without burning out.


I'M vanessa mentor

I’m a self-care Educator and Coach. I connect the dots between our individual self-care and the care of the world so you can take actions that heal and restore both.

I teach self-care literacy that helps you untangle the misconceptions and guilt around self-care and redefine what it truly means.

I design self-care rituals that helps you make choices that honor your needs to care for yourself and your world.

TAKE your nourishment 

Ways we can take this journey together


self-care guidance session

Your life is changing and what used to nourish you no longer does. For women who want to reeinvent their self-care routines in a day-to-day pandemic life.


hunger to pleasure

A 12 week intimate online group experience to explore what you are truly hungry for and build the foundation for the nourishment you need.


unrestrained body 

Fo women who have a difficult relationship with their bodies and want to show up for her with more care and compassion.

They Say

From my heart

to yours