3 easy things you can do when you want a change in your life.

I know how frustrating it is when everything feels off and you’re seriously want a change that you don’t know how to give life to. You have this energy bursting inside of you that wants to transform itself into something meaningful, creative and beautiful.

This is the space where your life is overflowing with things, obligations, and people that stop nourishing you and take more space than needed.

You’re in between letting go and becoming. What is more excruciating and overwhelming ?

But, you’re not alone in this. I’ve been in that place a zillion times.

It happens to all of us.

I actually believe that the process of life is all about those moments of discomfort, retracting and blooming into your next best self expression.

So If you are in this moment and time where you want a change in your life that takes time to come to fruition,

Here’s 3 things you can consider doing :


1. Breathe, hydrate and know that the discomfort is temporary

Uncertainty activates our nervous system. Depending on the situation we’re facing, It can create some high level of stress and tension. Unfortunately,  in those moments we tend to disconnect from our bodies and neglect our basic human needs.

Additionally. with an agitated nervous system, we are more prone to overdramatize the experience and see it as permanent. This is probably when we say things like “nothing won’t change anyway” and feel trapped.

And that’s what a simple breath practice and regular hydratation can help you with :  come back to your life force and cut trough the insanity :  Here’s a good ressource to get you started.

2. Be gentle with yourself and increase your capacity for pleasure

Your hungers are here to help you remember your true path.  When you open to that simple understanding, you can be more patient and compassionate with yourself and others navigating the same waters. Instead of trying to control what’s not happening or feeling like a failure for not putting into life, you can welcome the thirst and be curious.

Consider these ideas

  • Schedule more free time doing activities that  you love and easy to accomplish ( for moms you can schedule those moments while your kids are doing theirs).
  • Create more playful moments. It doesn’t have to be complicated or cost money. Make a list of the things that you used to love when you were kids and try them out again. The sillier the better ( pillow fight, play at knuckle bones, hula hoop…).
  • Laugh more : Watch comedies , attend stand ups, read comic books…
  • Beautify your environment with items that inspire and make you feel good : a touch of color, candles, plant, flower, vase…

3. Make space

Adding to your life more of what you truly thirsty for requires making space. Wether it’s people, experiences, new ways of being, or material stuff, you’ll have to declutter your physical, mental and emotional space to make room for the new things.

  • What excites you?  Imagine that you receive an email from a journal who wants to do a paper on you. They are most interested in the fun and playful side of you. Don’t over think this. What would you tell them? Pen and Paper . Go.
  • What’s in the way?  Review your response for the first Q and list everything that is not currently present in your life. You’re also looking at : feelings, emotions, relationships, type of experiences, quality of life… Now  think about what excites you and consider the obstacles to acquiring or achieving it (more free time, fewer distractions, a new job, a new career…).
  • Clear out the physical barriers.  Perhaps you need to make room in your closet, or declutter your desk. Maybe you’re living in place that is not kids friendly or too noisy.
  • Make a list of all the physical barriers and start with the easiest ones. You might not be able to resolve everything in the short term.
  • Clear out the mental and emotional barriers.  Are you brave enough? Are you knowledgeable enough? Is your attitude in the way? Are you lacking in hope or optimism? Psychological barriers can limit the amount of space we have to accommodate new items, experiences, and people. 

Your desires matter and making space to tend to them is important.

However, decide today that your longings are clues left by your soul all along the journey for when you go off track. They’re not a destination to arrive at.  New ones emerge all the time.

Invite them in. Work with them as precious reminders for you to continually nourish your aspirations, dreams and honor your inner creatrix.