Living Unrestrained


Live your life without permission

A Free 7 Day Life Alignment Experiment For Unconventional Women.

From May 6th trough May 12th, 2019 

Led by Vanessa Mentor

Freedom Catalyst helping unconventional women have more freedom by aligning their truth and affirming their desires.

Masks are fallen down

Walls are breaking down.

You no longer want to measure up, nod,  smile or take the shape of the societal BOX.

Perhaps at times you feel like burning everything down but don’t know where to start and have no clear idea how you should respond to this inner turmoil.

Stop for a moment

And imagine..

What  would your life look like if you stopped playing the roles society fashioned for you?

If the system of labels and categories are no longer working for you like it used to,

If you’ve realized that who you truly are is so different from what society has tried to make you become,

Then, it’s time to start Living Unrestrained

The Feminine Code of Conduct

has you believe that the quick fix to your womanhood and your best life is to conform to the choices and demands made for you and on you by the world around you.

The feminine code of conduct  is a set of predefined cultural and societal rules, demands and expectations(rooted in Patriarchy and Colonialism) on what’s appropriate and good for women. 

Every culture culture has it’s own version of the feminine code of conduct and is passed on to us trough our religious institutions, the media, the educational system, our family system, our friends and social network ect.

In essence, it’s this idea that women are powerless beings not trustworthy of making the best choices for their lives, unless they make space for the world’s demands and rules.

However, the solution to your challenges doesn’t lie in a set of rules nor in oppressive systems nor well-meaning families and friends nor outside “gurus” dictating you what to do.


The solution lies with you deciding to trust that your knowledge and wisdom can guide you in the direction of the life that you want to experience.


Consider the 7 Day Living Unrestrained Challenge as your opportunity to reevaluate honestly the many choices and life decisions (rooted in the feminine code of conduct) you’ve taken so far, and to make new life options with intention, with community and with pleasure.

You’re invited to take this simple Free 7 Day Living Unrestrained Challenge



April 7th trough April 13th, 2019


Online and you can participate from anywhere in the world.

Here’s what you’ll get:

7 days of the Living Unrestrained practice

A daily mini lesson to deepen your reflection

Tangible and fun daily actions

PLUS, I’m hosting a special FB Live – Q&A session on Day 7 to answer your burning Qs.


A sneak peek of what’s to come 

Day 1

Choosing the Truth

Day 2

Reclaiming Embodied Presence

Day 3

Affirming Sovereignty

Day 4

Tending to Pleasure

Day 5

Owning your Creation Force

Day 6

Blessing to elevate other women

Day 7

Celebration and closing FB live Q&A session to answer all your burning Qs.




After DAY 7

The path to Living Unrestrained Continues…but more on that later.

Mark your calendar

for a sacred and intimate 7 days of pleasure to retire the roles that you’ve outgrown and embrace the ones that you’re supposed to play.

Making room for who you are and what you want is key to the living unrestrained practice you need for the next chapter of your life.


The dates are: April 7th through April 13th, 2019

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