Where are you caught in the Happiness Trap?

4 unhelpful stories keeping women from choosing the life they want.

Take my living unrestrained quiz and get a detailed report to uncover the unhelpful story that you’re not seeing and holding you back. Additionally, you’ll learn the strategy to start living your life based on your truth, wisdom and knowing.

The living unrestrained quiz gives you insight about the stories you’ve learned to believe about what a woman “should” be and do – and that inform your everyday choices.

And because those stories are echoed everyday trough your family, social circles, organizations churches… it’s difficult for you to even consider whether they are true or not.

However, if you want to live more expansively, love with more depth and lead with more compassion and impact, you have to stop and questioned the stories that have guided your path so far.

I’ve just taken the Living Unrestrained Quiz – and the result is TOTALLY ME. Reviewing my detailed report, I realize that the book you recommended for my specific Unhelpful Story was sitting on my shelf for years and never read it.  At the beginning of 2019 – I promised myself to read a book a month and pulled it out , but I still haven’t opened it.

It is so UNCANNY – knowing that I have never shared that story with you.

Fabiola Pascal Thomas

Human Ressources Manager

What you’ll get

A Detailed Report

to help you uncover your unhelpful story and why you make certain life choices and reject others.

Your unique strategy

to reframe your unhelpful story to a helpful one

A free 30 mns 1:1 Legacy session

to discuss your results and get deeper on the specific area you need to focus on.

Value $ 197

Yes, I want Vanessa to help me uncover the unhelpful story holding me back – so I can start living my life the way I want.

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