Nurture Before Getting burnt Out

Except that you only response to things that need your attention now and plan your self-care when your tank is already dry…

Deep in your heart, you're willing to do what it takes to shake things around but there's already so much stuff you should be doing - that you wish you'd have time for…

…..and let's face it, you just don't know where to begin.

In this situation, the conventional wellness advice tells you to "treat yourself" out of the problem.

One hour of yin yoga class, a 45 minutes salt stone massage, mani-pedi while sipping your favorite cocktail : they’re all an attempt to remedy (at a superficial level ) body exhaustion and emotional depletion.

However depletion is usually a symptom of exceeding your physical, emotional and mental capacity threshold ----and that's an indicator of unstructured self-care (or lack thereof).

And you can’t out-consume an unstructured or lack of Self-Care .

But you can create a smart and simple self-care system of rituals that helps you manage your time with integrity and intention, regenerates you in every area of your life, and keeps you resourced when things are Dire.

Three months from now:


You start your day with paying attention...

to the things that bring you real nourishment and pleasure (not only on special occasions)   because you have a  self-care map  in place.


You have a fluid communication 

with your kids and partner who are supportive and motivated   because you take responsibility for your emotions,  feelings  and have grown your capacity to hold conflict.


Invest strategically and wisely your time and energy...

You're managing your life (and work) in a way that you get to invest strategically and wisely your time and energy into your different roles instead of driving yourself to depletion and constantly resorting to spontaneous and superficial self-care remedy.


​Moving with more ease, making better choices..

You're softened and moving with more ease, making better choices, with the freedom to devoting time to your creativity and building authentic connections with people that matter the most to you.

It's a Magical Place to be in 

And I Can Help You Get There

Hey, I'm Vanessa Mentor

I help smart busy moms and professional women, like you, create a Magical Self-Care Experience  that allows you to live deeply nurtured while giving to others and navigating the potential life challenges that get in the way.

I’m what’s known in other industries as a Customer Experience Strategist --- converted into a   Self-Care Guide & Coach.

I’ve spent the last 17+ years   working with managers designing customer relationship protocols,  primarily in banking -- the most corporate, systematized space imaginable! – but I humanize that process with a system of customer relationship rituals . 

So if I can humanize those systematized interactions and make bank customers feel cherished, just imagine the magic we’ll work in your life.

 She's a masterful guide.

Vanessa has a lot of skilled ability to see people on multiple levels and not everybody has the ability to see beyond or the inclination.
In that way- she's a masterful guide.

Tanya Geisler  // Leadership Coach //

I’m obsessed with rituals and all that is sacred​.
Spiritual self-development is my home, connection and intimacy is my first language..

And it’s that combination - customer relationship rituals + heart and soul - that led me to create The Magical Self-Care Experience Map.

The Magical Self-Care Map is a system of Self-Care rituals and a daily practice you put into place to intentionally and consciously reshape and refine your relationship with time, boundaries and self-nurturing --- and that is what will liberate you from survival mode.

And that's what we’re going to work through together, on this pleasureful day.

Magical Self-Care Map


A Sacred - Custom 1 ½ Day together : To Map Out A Sustainable Self-care Plan that supports your needs, desires and the woman you're becoming. 

In Person Immersion :

Being Free, for 1 1/2 day and 2 full nights, from family never ending demands, work hustle, social media scrolling… ( hard I know, but so necessary) to connect profoundly with yourself and think intentionally and consciously about the way you want to shape your relationship with yourself, family and work. 

Let's  see if  we're a good match!

We start with your application for the Magical Self-Care Map Immersion. Once I have reviewed all of your information and agreed that we're a good fit - I'll contact you by email in 3 business days or less so that you can register and  pay  for your special day.

Tune In Self-Care Assessment Session + Prep Call

24 hours after your confirmation,  I'll  send  you my  Tune In  Self-Care   Assessment  so that we get a detailed picture of where your life is  at and the components of your current self-care  experience .

We'll then schedule a call to review your   Assessment  and talk  about where you're hungry for more, the parts of your life that need to be soften and seen;  desires and dreams that want to emerge...

Then, based on the information I gather from this call… I'll start crafting your Day.

 In order to show up fully prepared and provide a customized solution, I need you to complete and return the Tune In Self-Care Assessment and schedule the call at least 2  weeks  before your immersion Day.

Welcome to Montreal

Your personal chauffeur will pick you up at the airport to drop you at the charming hotel I’ve reserved for your 2-night stay.   A welcome packet  by  your bed.

We'll  have a quick call in the evening.

 As a healing complement to your VIP day, you'll savor  a one-to-one  holistic treatment  (customized  on the information  I gathered  during our call).

After a quiet and peaceful night sleep, I’ll meet you in the morning and we’ll spend the day unravelling, mind-mapping, breathing, moving and laughing.

It's Your Day !

We start at 8  in the morning .

There will be healthy - nourishing food to hold us during the day. Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner.

Fresh flowers. Candlelight to clear the way.  Paper and pen to scheme your plan.  Plenty of time to  move your body, reflect and unwind.

I'll present my analysis of your assessment. Then we do a deep dive to understand what’s working, & what needs to be improved.  At the end of the day , you'll have your personalized Magical Self-Care Plan  mapped out and ready  for you to implement.

We'll end the day at  8pm with a celebratory  ritual.

4 weeks of  Guidance and Encouragement after your experience ends...

Because I know what it's like to feel energized and inspired.... and lose momentum once you  get back home.  I've integrated to your experience an element of support to help stay on track.

Action Blueprint:

24 hours after the session, I will send your customized Magical Self-Care  Map highlighting the most pressing challenges and action steps that you need to implement.

Accountability and Email Support

As you work toward achieving the immediate achievables in your  Magical Self-Care  Map , you will have access to me by email to answer any questions you might have related to the implementation of your action plan. The unlimited email is valid for 4 weeks after you receive your report.

free 30 minute follow up call

that you can use a month after the session to help you stay focused, adjust your plan -- and celebrate your gains!

Your Investment

The Magical Self-Care Map Immersion is best experienced when you're out of your day-to-day life.  However, if travelling far from your home is out  of reach reach now,  I have also designed a high touch  Virtual Day.

in person Experience


 - 2 nights at hotel,

- Pick up from Airport 

- A 60 mns personalized holistic treatment

- 1 welcome dinner,

- 3 meals on our day together,

- A night-before check-in call,

- A 45-minute call pre-Immersion,

- A 30-minute call post-Immersion

- 4 Weeks of email guidance and support post-Immersion

- Action blueprint of your self-care plan

- Plus thoughtful details and exquisite goodies


Virtual Experience
  • A 60 mns personalized holistic treatment at a local spa of your choice (I want you to feel luxurious).
  • A 45-minute pre-Immersion call  to review your Self-Care Assessment and craft your day.
  • A  Self-Care  Immersion Day  from your own house  (or at a special spot  close  to your  home .  Ask for details  if interested in that option).
  • A 30-minute call post-Immersion
  • Action blueprint of your Magical Self-Care Plan
  • A recording of  all of our sessions.

Plus awesome goodies !


I believe that self-nurturing is a life skill that you grow when your self-care is planned & tended to.

Bring your exhausted body, your unmet needs, your unfulfilled desires and dreams. Let's find new nourishing and loving ways to connect  with your body,  yourself and  life.

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