Mini Self-Care adventures

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In The Small Pleasures

When was the last time you let yourself be in the moment and felt real joy? If you the woman I usally work with, you anwer is probably ” I don’t know”… I know because this is what happens when you pent most of your life being the nice girl and nice woman constantly serving others while ignoring your own needs. Under those circumstances, it becomes so easy to develop a high tolerance for martyrdom and self-neglect.

Maybe you were raised in the church and learned that pleasure is a sin, or may you’re a mom and learned that pleasure is foolish and pleasure will drift you away from your family. Maybe you love to control things and believe that letting yourself means losing control. Or maybe you maybe you secretly judge or envy hose other women who can simply let loose, seem to be so vibrant and fun to be around.  

Let’s get these restrictions out of your body and increase your tolerance for pleasure and pure joy

Special moment of meeting a butterfly and a woman in the middle of nature

Self- Care Adventures

The Self-Care Adventures are fun mini experiences crafted on your unique interests and meant to help you invite more YUM in your everyday. They are simple, yet will leave you feeing energized and more ready for the critical times.

The best part is the process to design your Self-Care adventure is purely intuitive. When I recieve your request, I let the Alcehmist and Explorer in me have a little chat with your thirst for pleasure and let that inform the invation she has for you.

Imagine : stories, fantasy, hygge, mystery, comfort…

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Here's How it Works

Step one : pay for your mini self-care adventure by clicking the button below .

Step two : fill out the mini self-care adventure form  

Step three :  within 3-4 business days of receiving your payment and form, I will mail you a letter with the details of your mini self-care adventure (who doesn’t love snail mails?). 

A quick reminder : your mini adventure is inspired by the information you submit in the form. Each mini self-care adventure has it’s own flavor. How cool is that?  

Now Disclaimer : Because of Covid-19, the delivery of your letter might take longer than usual.  If you live in Canada, it might take a couple of days longer. For folks living outside Canada, the wait might be even longer.

Special moment of meeting a butterfly and a woman in the middle of nature

Hey, I'm Vanessa Mentor

I’m a Self-Care Guide + Lover of Intimate – Soulful conversations + Playful experiences. I connect the dots between our individual Self-Care and the care of the world so you can take actions that help heal and restore both.

More specifically, my clients are exhausted women who are juggling teens, family, job and business. They’ve been utterly burnt out a few times and never want to go back there but are torn between taking care of themselves and their family’s needs.  What I do is help them break the cycle of self deprivation by learning how to balance taking care of themselves without neglecting all of their other responsibilities.

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