For when you need to take a pause to revisit your self-care routines because your life is changing and what used to nourish you no longer does.


Not all the time but more than you feel you should. You’re constantly rushed. You are drained by all the things that demand your attention. A tissue, a hug, amazing food, back -to back shifts…  Name it and you make it happen.

As a result of stretching yourself so thin, you often end up feeling tired, resentful and stressed-out. And on a few occasions, you experienced some minor health issues (migraines, backache, tension in your neck, minor injuries) but serious enough to put you to bed.

You realized that you have gradually lost what it means to care for the fullness of yourself and life – and want to find your way back there.

However, you know that what used to work no longer does – since the pandemic – so much have changed in your life. How do you care for yourself in the pandemic era and beyond?

You’re not sure where to start and looking for guidance and direction.


Giving yourself the nourishment you need is a sacred act and self-care guidance gives you the space to listen to what that nourishment is.

By caring for yourself in the right way, you are also increasing your capacity to care for your family, your community and the world in a way that enables healing and love.

Self-Care Guidance is for you if :


  • NYou desire a safe and brave space to be heard and clarify why you've been doing the same things that you know no longer work for you (without committing to a full coaching relationship)
  • NYou're unsure of what steps to take to not fall back into exhaustion and burn out.
  • NYou want to deepen your understanding of self-care and how it fits you at this stage of your life (and you feel you only need a one off session).
  • NYou want a sounding board to help you revisit your self-care routines and rituals.

Hello, I’m Vanessa Mentor

I help exhausted working women, who want to revisit and reinvent how they care for the fullness of their life. 

I wholeheartdly beleive that you can learn how to care for yourself and your loved ones without burning out. 

I connect the dots between our individual self-care and the care of the world so you can take actions that help heal and restore both. 


HERE'S how it works :

step one

I invite you to take a self-care assessment in a google doc customized to your name.  You’ll get more details about how to engage with the assessment after booking your session.


step two

After you complete the assessment, I’ll spend one hour reviewing your document, put in comments, suggestions and questions to go deeper and for you to start taking actions in the direction that you want.

Step three

When I’m done, I’ll send you en email. The turn around time will be 2 days from the receipt of your order and access to your Google Doc File.

Step four

You get access to me trough your google doc file for follow up questions. This additional support is valid only for 5 days after you receive your initial guidance. 

If you need more help after that, you can email me to explore how we can together in a more in depth fashioned.


Please keep in mind


There is no phone call !

The session is delivered through a google doc. It’s like participating in a living journal. Obviously, if writting is not your thing, this offer is not for you.


This session is not therapy

In self-care guidance, I walk along side you with curiosity and tenderness for your story. I offer intuitive guidance, embodiment practices, self-care rituals and questions that help you claim your new intentions about how  to the care for yourself and life in general.  However, I’m not a therapist nor counsellor and not equipped to guide you in that capacity.

Realistic expectations required

It’s important to set realistic expectations about what we can achieve in a laser focused time. You won’t get a detailed self-care plan mapped out and I probably won’t be able to address all of your concerns. The art of caring for one’s self is a lifetime practice that can’t be learned in one hour.


share the love

If the session goes well, I’d like to get a testimonial from you that I could use to sell future self-care guidance to those who might be on the fence about the effectiveness of coaching through a google doc. 

The investment for the self-care guidance session is: