Almost there...

Please watch the video for instuctions on how to get started with your session or Bookmark the page to watch later.

1) Head over to your inbox to get access to your google doc. The email I'll be using for your google doc is " 

If you haven't shared your best email when you were booking your session, please email it to me at :

2) Schedule in your calendar a date and time to take the self-care assessment.


NOTE : Set aside 1-2 hours to complete the assessment ( I need to recieve your document at least 48 hours after I grant you access).

3) At the date and time scheduled, complete the assessment and send me a notification in the comment section inside of the google doc or by email.

4) I'll email you back when I'm done adding my notes and thoughts. I'll have this back
to you within 2 days of receiving your notification.

5) You have access to me for 5 days to ask additional questions, clarification etc.

That's all for now!!!  if you have any questions, please email me at: 

Vanessa Mentor.