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Stop waiting on other people’s approval

Have you ever thought of the woman you’d become if you stopped waiting on other people’s approval?

Not everyone is here to hear you.

Not everyone is here to hold the truth of who you are.

Whether it’s your mom, dad, partner, sister, brother, best friend or colleague…

Your people might never be in a place to receive you fully and completely.

They might never understand your work.

They might never grasp who you are and becoming.

Because not everyone has the gift to see all parts of you and beyond or the inclination to do so.

In other wordsstop taming your truth. You are wearing yourself out.

It’s not to say that you have to stop asking for support or reject all feedback.

We all have the need to be seen and held. And in our quest for excellence, growth and expansion, we certainly want the acknowledgment from our people.

It matters.

But, you’re not going to lose your sanity defending your life/work and trying to convince them to value YOU.

Then, ask yourself this question : If I weren’t waiting on other people’s yes, what would I have the courage to do?

So, stop right there.

  1. Manage your frustrations
  2. Protect your energy fiercely.
  3. Let go of them (when that’s possible. Sometimes you just can’t).
  4. Discern who’s gifted and willing to hold the space for you.

And most importantly remain grateful for your human experience.