As many of us were locked down in our homes and forced to step away from the busyness of our life, we could finally pay attention her unmet needs

In our day-to-day pandemic we could finally realize that we are as undernourished as the world is and admit that the promise made by capitalism – that more would make us happy – was a total lie.

We can feel it in:

Our isolation, loneliness and lack of community care.

The pain of our burnout lifestyle and the disconnection from our bodies.

The loss of the Sacred and the disconnection from the land.

The disruption of our sense of safety, the rising of sexual violence, and, and, and…

Along the way, we have lost what it truly means to care for ourselves as individuals and as a collective.

And for Women This Story Has a Double Bind :

Because we have been raised and socialized – and also biologically- to be nurturers, we tend to over-give, over-care and over-work, making sure everyone around us is happy and everything is working perfectly.

We were also taught that being the nurturer meant being the “good woman”  and being the good woman meant being loved and celebrated – which taps into our needs for belonging and love.

This is the lens from which many women learned to view self-care.

That’s why, in the act of caring for others so many of us get triggered and fall into a pattern of self-neglect.

However, if we understood what self-care truly entails, we wouldn’t feel guilty and torn between tending to our needs and caring for the needs of others.


Because caring for ourselves is learning to better nurture our physical and emotional health, our relationships,our money and wealth, our gifts and service.

And I Believe

women who habitually do that  become citizen and leaders who transfomr systems of oppression into systems of justice, offer solutions that heal and restore, gather funds that create access for all…


  • ZHow do you dissolve the tension between creating space for yourself and caring for the needs of your family and communities?
  • ZHow do you express kindness toward others without leaving yourself behind?
  • ZHow do you genuinely care for your work and do good in the world without driving yourself to burnout?

Tending is a community project exploring self-care as an act of sovereignty and service – and the positive impact on the world.

 Our goal is to help you diffuse the guilt and imagine new ways in which you can nurture yourself while caring for your loved ones and community.


Because you are tired of the capitalist lie you’ev been fed about taking a bubble bath or having a manicure to treat yourself out of physical exhaustion and emotional depeltion.

You know they’re all an attempt to remedy the real problem at a superficial level.

But this obsession with Fun Self-Care keeps you in the endless cycle of self-deprivation which undermines your capacity to fully be yourself and care for the world.


30 stories


Pathway in the park

Everyday over the month of September, you’ll receive an email from sharing a message from a woman who’s advocating for their needs, building a life and work that nourish them. and as a result shaping change in their communities.

And as a result shaping change in their communities.

A nourishing Space


Pathway in the park

There will be a Safe – Private FB group. This is where, you’ll share your own experiences with self-care, ask questions, engage with the contributors.

We want know about your self-care challenges, needs and desires.

A Special Prize


present wrapped in a rustic earthy style

Pick a self-care ritual to focus on during the month of September. When you engage everyday in the FB group and share about your experience on IG using the #livingunrestrained hashtag, you’ll be entered for the chance to win a special prize for our giveaway at the end of the event.

We are each other’s care keeper. 

When we care for our lives and the lives of others , we are healing and restoring the world. And progressively, we’re moving toward a society that is ruled by justice, compassion and love.