What to do when you feel stuck

You feel trapped.

Circling around in a dark hole, like you’ll never get out.

You’re stuck. Confused. 

And it’s painful.

Some argue, it’s because we’re angry. Others say, it’s because we’ve lost perspective.

Maybe. Or maybe not.


However,  for today – I’m writing about the stuck-ness that happens when you sit for too long in other people’s stories.


And now you can’t tell if your life is telling you YES or NO.


You don’t know if it’s time to step in or step out. Or you just can’t hear what your your deepest self is trying to tell you.


If you are feeling stuck and don’t know what to do about it, Please try the following :


1. Detox from the distractions.

Turn off the TV. Unplug from social media. Disconnect from the noise. You’re bombarded daily with nonsense and “out of context information”. No wonder you feel frazzled, confused and ungrounded.


2.Go In and listen to what’s happening inside of you.

Stay in silence. follow the question or answer that arises and see where they take you.The next step might be right here in front of you – but because, you’re so consumed by all the other stuff – you just can’t see it.


3.Repeat and Rinse

Listening to yourself is a practice. It requires your willingness and intention to hear and trust your true self.

It’s like a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it gets.


Pause and listen.


Now, for your journal :

  1. What external noise do you need to lower so you can hear your own heart?
  2. What are the external stories you need to stop reading or listening to so you can discern your next action step?
  3. Who do you need to stop following or turning to so you can trust your own wisdom?


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