Deep Listening + Sacred Practice

For unconventional women who are tired of keeping everyone happy and ready to live the life they truly want.

Because putting your head down and satisfying the world’s expectations is the not the solution.


This idea that women are powerless and not trustworthy of making the best choices for their lives, unless they make space for the world’s demands and rules is outdated and harmful.

We no longer want to measure up, nod and smile. Walls are breaking down and  we want to burn down the old ways of being and doing.

One of the most challenging aspect of living unrestrained is dealing with the feeling that we no longer belong and aren’t loved.

It’s our most primal human need and it can be daunting to let some of that go. Because, when you’ve spent your life hiding and playing by the rules, you forget who you are  and don’t always know how to get back home.

And in those moments, you can feel pretty helpless and discouraged about the consequences of living this new adventure.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can still have your doubts, fears and failures…while creating a rich and deep life experience. They’re all part of the process.

What is a life without permission looks like for you? No one has legitimacy over that question. Not your mom, not your partner, not your boss, not your best friend, not your kids, not your pastor… you’re the only one that can  answer that question.

When we tell the truth, we understand and accept the fact that we’re sovereign and there’s a cost to live a life worth living. Then we are able to turn what were deemed weaknesses and failures into powerful new stories and legacies.


And that’s what my work is designed to help you with.

From Living Restricted to Living Unrestrained

Living Unrestrained QUIZ

Discover the truth about why you’re keeping everyone else happy except yourself

Feeling exhausted and dissatisfied with the direction your life is going? but can’t quite pin point why?

Take my living unrestrained quiz and get a detailed report to uncover the unhelpful story holding you back and learn the strategy to start living your life based on your truth, wisdom and knowing.


 Unrestrained Woman – Legacy 

Build a Life that Honors Your Choices, Unique Gifts and Contributions

You’re at a crossroad, navigating a transition. There’s a nagging feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction with the direction your life is heading. Even tough you feel restless, you’re sure about one thing :  

You Want to Live Larger, Love Deeper and Lead with more Impact. 

Those are the challenges we work with in Living Unrestrained -Legacy . A 7 month intimate experience to help you explore and get clear on the new life story and legacy you want to create and leave.

It’s an opportunity to understand how the ancestral, cultural and societal stories about “womanhood” have influenced the many choices you’ve taken up until now – choices that have helped built the story of your life in this time and space.

I can’t wait to witness the unfolding of your new narrative.

The Living Unrestrained Practice

Step 1

Choosing the Truth

The more you can open to yourself – the more clarity you gain in the choices you have to make.

step 2

Reclaiming Embodied Presence

An embodiment practice cuts all the bullshit and allows us to stay grounded and pause when carried in chaos, to remain real and in touch with ourselves when tempted to perform, to offer compassion and acceptance when hurt and in pain.

In other words, it helps us stay human.

Step 3

Affirming Sovereignty

When you exercise sovereignty you take actions toward what you want without asking or waiting for someone else’s  permission. It’s the cultivation of trust in yourself and others, a mutual honoring of your boundaries and others.


Step 4

Tending to Pleasure

What I’ve learned about the path to pleasure is that it comes down to a daily choice of believing that your life depends on it (it actually does) and to make a deliberate decision to choose it.

Little by little . Day by day.

Step 5

Owning the Creation force

Creation is your gift and is accessible at any given time. Creation is the space where you meet and surrender to the divine in you. It is a response to the yearnings and longings in you. This practice keeps you in service to your life, your community and the world at large.

Step 6

Blessing to elevate other women

In the practice of Living Unrestrained,  we create an inclusive space where all women can flourish and thrive together.

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